Today’s Saturday Report is a two-parter, the second section focusing on our new website.

But first a clarification: Last week’s Saturday Report took on the issue of school integration in Greater Hartford, 17 years after the Sheff v. O’Neill Supreme Court ruling.

The Mirror came down hard, asking, “Is breaking the link between race, poverty, housing and school segregation an intractable problem in Connecticut? Judging from our recent stories by education reporter Jacqueline Rabe Thomas, it would seem so.”

An editor’s note we published after the story was published says, “An earlier version of this story should have mentioned that with the opening of magnet schools in the region, about 43 percent of students who live in Hartford now attend integrated schools.” (In this case, the term integrated is used when less than three-quarters of a school’s student population are minorities.)

But the most problematic aspect of last week’s letter is that it seemed to give the impression that The Mirror was editorializing against the efforts being made to fulfill the Supreme Court’s order.

That’s definitively not the case.

We make every effort to produce content in which issues are as evenly stated as possible, allowing the people we quote to agree or disagree, approve or disapprove.

And that’s how we’ll continue to do it in the future.

Our new website

Mirror CEO/Publisher Brett Orzechowski has explained some of the highlights of our new site here. He discussed our renewed emphasis on enterprise reporting. (To tip our hand a bit, Washington writer Ana Radelat will examine some controversial votes by a member of our delegation in Monday’s Mirror.) Orzechowski mentioned our new comments policy and also noted how easy it is now to read our stories and other content on tablets and mobile devices.

Other highlights include the category “Data” in the subject bar at the top of the homepage. A click will bring you to a display of interactive graphics by data editor Alvin Chang. Take a look around.

With the election season already under way and the legislative session to begin shortly, we’re encouraging discussion through readers’ opinion pieces, which we can now display more prominently. To submit one, please email it to me,

More changes will be coming, so keep watching, and thank you for your support.

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Stay warm….

Jenifer Frank

Mirror Editor

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