Himes citing Ted Cruz to raise campaign cash

Washington – Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District, sent out a fundraising appeal Friday that tries to scare potential donors by citing the actions of one of the GOP’s most conservative members – Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.

“This week marks the one-year anniversary of Sen. Ted Cruz’s 21-hour ‘filibuster’ that helped encourage partisan extremists in the Republican House majority to close the government for 16 days,” Himes’ fundraising letter said. “This unnecessary disaster cost our nation’s economy $24 billion and eroded the public’s trust in our government. It’s a stark reminder of what happens when senseless partisan theater trumps thoughtful, responsible governing.”

The fundraising appeal does not mention Himes’ challenger, Republican businessman Dan Debicella who is running as a pro-choice, GOP moderate.

Instead Himes has joined other Democrats who are trying to raise money by reminding potential voters of what they view as the dangers of the conservative, tea party wing of the GOP, of which Cruz is a leader.

Himes’ appeal also reminds potential donors there are only 39 days to Election Day.