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CT lawmakers say Boehner’s resignation cuts shutdown odds, but threat remains

WASHINGTON – House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to resign may have lessened the prospects of a government shutdown, but that won’t be known for sure until Congress considers a short-term spending bill next week. Meanwhile, Connecticut agencies have been told to draw up contingency plans. Continue Reading →

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CT businesses pushing back on shutdown of Ex-Im Bank

WASHINGTON — The Tea Party, aided by other conservative Republicans and the billionaire Koch brothers, celebrated a big victory last week when Congress failed to reauthorize the charter of a bank that helps U.S. businesses, including Connecticut-based General Electric and United Technologies, make sales overseas. Continue Reading →

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Cantor loss is reason to give Himes money, lawmaker says

Washington -Eager to bolster his June fundraising totals, Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District, has distributed a fundraising appeal that says House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s surprise loss in a primary is evidence the Tea Party is on the rise and that people should donate to the Democrats’ campaign. Continue Reading →

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Malloy: CT Republicans did not hamper ACA implementation

WASHINGTON – Gov. Dannel Malloy told an audience at a liberal think tank on Tuesday that Connecticut Republicans did not stand in the way of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Connecticut, a statement some in the crowd found hard to believe given the raging partisan war over the ACA in Washington. Continue Reading →

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A little Connecticut PAC that provoked a big response

Leadership Connecticut PAC, the Republican political action committee that drew fire from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy this week and attracted street-theater protests Thursday night outside a cigar bar in New Haven, is an obscure player that pumped a modest $10,500 into the state’s multi-million-dollar political economy during the 2012 election cycle. Continue Reading →

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At the State Capitol, a Tea Party of one

As the only avowed Tea Party adherent to win election in Connecticut, Joe Markley is a curiously laid-back representative of a movement known for its anger and frustration with government spending and policies. “I’ve not the hard-driving sort,” said Markley, who has degrees in English from Amherst and Columbia. “I’m a very relaxed firebrand.” Markley’s brand of small-government Republicanism has not sold well in Connecticut since 1984, when he and 11 other GOP challengers won state Senate seats on Ronald Reagan’s coattails, only to lose them two years later on a changing political tide. After an absence of 24 years, he’s coming back in January to take the same seat, allied with minority Republicans and the even smaller Tea Party, an anti-tax movement that failed to coalesce here into a coherent political vision or strategy. Continue Reading →

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