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Claude Albert is the editor of <i>The Connecticut Mirror.</i>

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Charters try ‘expeditions’ to help students reinvent themselves

New Haven’s Elm City College Prep and two other schools in its charter network are adding learning experiences called “expeditions” to encourage curiosity and passion in kids. These are not field trips. They are two-week intensive courses that take children outside the classroom and beyond traditional subjects. Continue Reading →

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Massachusetts grabs spotlight by proposing new twist on Medicaid drug coverage

In the absence of new federal policies to tame break-the-bank drug prices, Massachusetts’ state Medicaid program hopes to road-test an idea both radical and market-driven. It wants the power to negotiate discounts for the drugs it purchases and to exclude drugs with limited treatment value. Connecticut is watching. Continue Reading →

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Trump order pushes GOP ideas on insurance choice, curbing costs

The president’s executive order is aimed at expanding lower-cost insurance options, allowing employers to give workers money to buy their own coverage, and slowing insurance and hospital industry consolidation. Critics said the changes, if implemented, could result in more bare-bones coverage and pulling healthier people out of struggling insurance markets, leading to higher premiums for those who remain. Top Connecticut Democrats blasted the order. Continue Reading →

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CT says it would lose $7 billion under teetering ACA overhaul plan

Federal healthcare funding to Connecticut would be reduced by about $7 billion,  and “dramatic numbers” of individuals would lose coverage or have it reduced between 2020 and 2026 under the latest Republican proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, state officials said Friday. But the legislation suffered a potentially fatal blow Friday when Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona announced his opposition. Continue Reading →

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