Jake Kara

Jake is a former managing editor of The Ridgefield Press, a Hersam Acorn newspaper. He worked for the community newspaper chain as a reporter and editor for five years before joining the Mirror staff. He studied professional writing at Western Connecticut State University and is a graduate student in software engineering at Harvard Extension School.

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Advocates place gun storage measure among top legislative priorities

A measure to tighten Connecticut’s firearm storage law is expected to be on a shortlist of gun reform bills tackled in the upcoming legislative session. The proposal will likely come amid advocates’ attempts to shepherd other legislation banning untraceable ghost guns and 3D-printed plastic guns through the legislative process. Continue Reading →

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Fewer homeless in Connecticut, data shows, but problems still persist

While a majority of people sleeping in Connecticut homeless shelters are from the state’s struggling cities, people from the wealthiest towns tend to spend more time in shelters when they do end up there. This is just one of the conclusions that can be drawn from an examination of data compiled by the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness. The state has made progress reducing the homeless population in recent years. The state saw one of the largest 11-year decreases in unsheltered homeless counts, 38 percent from 2007 to 2017, according to an October report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Connecticut has also eliminated very specific types of homelessness, such as chronic veteran homelessness, while hotlines for people who call 2-1-1 for immediate access to shelters are now operating 24-7 for most of Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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A blue wave? Actually, the blues got bluer, but the reds also got redder

A blue wave swept across Connecticut to give Democrats solid majorities in the General Assembly, but the race for governor offered little sign of a political realignment: If anything, the reds got redder and the blues got bluer on the state’s electoral map.
Almost 100 towns voted more strongly in favor of the party they had chosen in 2014. Continue Reading →

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Town and statewide results for every race, as they roll in

Which party will control the state legislature? Who will be our next governor? We’ll be updating this page with statewide results, as well as results from your town. These results are based on unofficial vote totals from Tuesday’s general election. We’re continuously monitoring and updating counts as they are posted on the secretary of the state’s election night reporting system. Continue Reading →

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Promises made: A cheat sheet for top issues in governor’s race

Campaign promises are piling up like orange and yellow leaves this election cycle. We built this tool to keep track of how the three leading candidates for governor say they would steer Connecticut forward if elected. We’ll be adding some more promises and positions to this tracker — we pinky-swear — so check back here between now and Tuesday. You can jump to a topic by choosing on one of these:

Continue Reading →

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Looking for child care? Here’s our database of quality benchmarks

Child care inspection reports in Connecticut are public documents, but there’s no useful way to search for them online. So we built one. Although the state does license programs to ensure the facilities and homes are safe for children and staff are equipped to handle emergencies, the state’s online database only provides the date that an inspection took place, not any violations found or abuse allegations substantiated. It also does not say which facilities have received NAEYC accreditation. In an effort to give parents a window into the safety and quality of their day care, the CT Mirror compiled a database of safety violations and resolutions, and inspection history. Continue Reading →

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Suzio takes aim – again – at sentencing reduction rules. Is he right?

A tough-on-crime state senator up for re-election in November on Tuesday issued one of his hallmark rebukes of a key part of the outgoing governor’s criminal justice reform legacy, the fate of which will be determined by the next legislature and administration. Continue Reading →

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