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It shouldn’t take a viral video to secure justice

This week, jaw-dropping footage of three Connecticut state police officers appearing to fabricate criminal charges against a protester made international news. Meanwhile, two families lost loved ones to police violence in Oklahoma and North Carolina. Each of these incidents was caught on video. All have inspired outrage from people around the world. It still might not be enough to ensure justice—and that should frighten all of us.

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Resident: Willington unwilling to host CT State Police firearms compound

I am a 19-year-old resident of Willington, a town in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut that my family has lived in since 1914. This town of about 6,000 people is living with the fear that their home is on the brink of transformation into something unrecognizable. The state police wish to turn 326 acres of pristine woodland in the heart of our town into a massive training facility and gun range complex.

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Meraviglia tapped to succeed Stebbins at CT state police commander

A 28-year veteran of the Connecticut state police, Brian F. Meraviglia has been named to replace retiring Col. Danny Stebbins as commander of the division. Dora Shriro, commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, announced the appointment Friday. She also named Maj. Warren “Butch” Hyatt Jr. to succeed Meraviglia as lieutenant colonel of the state police division.