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Republicans propose ‘honest’ tax cuts for Connecticut

House Republicans have proposed $247 million in consumer and business tax cuts – moves they insist won’t worsen the big budget deficit projected for next year. In a press conference Thursday, GOP lawmakers said they want to give small businesses a one-time break on their unemployment assessments, accelerate the return of a sales tax exemption on clothing, and restore another exemption for over-the-counter medicine. Continue Reading →

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Foley courts gun owners without promising Sandy Hook repeal

Middletown — Republican gubernatorial contender Tom Foley told the state’s largest gun group Tuesday night that he would block further gun-control legislation if elected, but he has no plans to seek repeal of the sweeping changes to the state’s gun laws approved last year in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut Democrats outraised CT GOP 14-1 in final state finance report

The Connecticut Republican Party ended 2013 with a surplus of $14,292 in its state account, compared with $112,606 for Connecticut Democrats. The GOP had $16,675 in cash and debt of $2,383. Democrats had no debt. Continue Reading →

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Power failure keeps finance reports from Boughton, GOP off line

Anyone curious to read the end-of-year campaign finance reports for the Connecticut Republicans or Danbury Mark Boughton’s exploratory campaign will have to wait. The reports were filed by the deadline of midnight Friday, but a power failure has kept them from being posted on the state’s web site. Continue Reading →

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