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Diaper on, Connecticut! (And let’s lose the diaper tax)

It’s time for Connecticut legislators to free families from the diaper tax, giving them and their children the same boost as states like Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Jersey. The Connecticut Office of Fiscal Analysis has determined that liberating baby diapers from the state sales tax would free up $4.3 million annually, thereby leaving moms and dads with more money to care for their babies.

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Connecticut should ban flame retardant chemicals in kids’ products

There is a bill before the CT State Legislature which would ban some flame retardant chemicals from children’s products. Does this sound counter intuitive? It is not. An Act Concerning Toxic Fire Retardants in Children’s Products, is an opportunity for us to rectify this dangerous exposure of our children to toxic chemicals that are linked to many serious diseases.

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Great need, great opportunity, for educational advancement in Connecticut

At a time when coalitions, community groups, faith-based leaders, educators, and parents across the state are committed to addressing educational injustice in significant ways, this is a moment of great need and great opportunity. We call on members of our Congressional delegation to move education in Connecticut forward, and not roll backwards.

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Connecticut’s SBAC testing will bring an egregious contradiction

Generalizations like “efficiency,” “accountability,” and “reliability” have been used time and again to describe the benefits of standardized tests. SBAC is no different. However, before Connecticut lawmakers authorize SBAC testing in Connecticut, they should understand what those terms mean for the parents, teachers, and, most significantly, students who will, day in, day out, live with the realities these terms eschew.

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Connecticut lawmakers should pass comprehensive charter school reform

Connecticut children need new, high-quality school options, and Connecticut taxpayers need an updated charter law that ensures those schools are well run and successfully monitored. We encourage the General Assembly to focus on passing comprehensive charter authorizing reform that implements all of the policies above – but to leave the moratorium on the cutting room floor.

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Connecticut should provide bilingual education for all

We need to embrace the fact that speaking more than one language is a 21st-century skill that all American students should have, yet our state is lagging behind others in its adoption of bilingual education programs. So, people of Connecticut, its time that we demand that our state takes the lead on providing quality bilingual education for all children, K-12.