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UnitedHeathcare a player in insurance merger lawsuits

WASHINGTON – UnitedHealthcare, the nation’s largest health insurer and former potential suitor to merge with Cigna, provided the Justice Department with a large amount of sensitive, proprietary and confidential information to help the government investigate and block the mergers by its rivals. Continue Reading →

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For insurers, Supreme Court could demolish a growing line of business

Washington – The nation’s health insurers, including leading companies like Aetna, are hoping the Supreme Court does not strike down a provision of the Affordable Care Act that has brought them millions of new policyholders and provided new growth opportunities for the industry. Continue Reading →

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A guide to health care in Connecticut

Navigating health care can be confusing, but we’re here to help. Now that we’re in the signup period for Obamacare, we have everything from calculators FAQs to help you figure out how much insurance will cost, and stories to tell you what’s changing from 2014 to 2015. Continue Reading →

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