Mayor Luke Bronin

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Bankruptcy for Hartford may hinge on CT tax debate

Though the extra funds Hartford needs to avert bankruptcy next fiscal year equal a tiny fraction of the next state budget, the city’s fate may hinge on whether state officials raise enough taxes to avoid deep cuts in aid to most other cities and towns. Continue Reading →

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Malloy plan hands poorest municipalities a life preserver and an anchor

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wants to help Hartford and Connecticut’s poorest communities stabilize their local budgets. But he also wants all municipalities — including the poorest — to begin paying one-third of teacher pension costs set to explode over the next 15 years. Those goals may not be politically compatible. Continue Reading →

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Has regionalism’s time finally come?

While autonomous municipal government — home rule — is the norm and likely to remain so, regional cooperation has been inching ahead. Now with the state and several large cities facing severe fiscal challenges, mayors such as Hartford’s Luke Bronin and others, including the state’s major municipal advocacy group, are pushing for more regional sharing. Continue Reading →

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