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Session notes: Tuition hikes net mixed reactions from legislators

Proposed tuition and fee increases of $480 for the four regional public universities and $141 for the 12 community colleges have been called “fair” by the college president, “disturbing” by a Republican legislator and “inevitable” by the House chair of the Higher Education Committee. Continue Reading →

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UConn contract seems iffy as Appropriations vote nears

On the eve of a critical legislative committee vote, some members of the Democratic majority were still undecided on whether to approve a five-year salary contract for 1,900 University of Connecticut employees. Continue Reading →

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Ojakian hopes to calm the storm at CSCU, yet make merger work

The career public employee with a reputation for lowering the temperature in heated situations hopes that quality will help him resolve the underlying fiscal, labor and educational issues that plagued his predecessors. Continue Reading →

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Aggressive charter school campaign descends on the Capitol

Legislators are being bombarded with emails informing them every time a student applies to a charter school that the state has yet to agree to fund. And when they turn on the television, they see advertisements warning that thousands of students will be trapped in failing schools unless state lawmakers spend millions more to expand enrollment in charter schools. Continue Reading →

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House votes to strip Gray of power to close campus

In a clear show of displeasure with the leader of the state’s system of community colleges and regional state universities, the state House of Representatives voted 86 to 56 Tuesday to block the system from closing a campus without legislative approval. Continue Reading →

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