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Campaign finance reform left for high-level negotiations

The Senate Democratic majority’s leadership yielded Monday to a toothless compromise on the question of capping the unlimited expenditures the state parties now can make on General Assembly races in Connecticut. The compromise: a $250,000 cap that wouldn’t have meant a difference in any campaign last year. Continue Reading →

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Sharkey and GOP vs. Senate Democrats on campaign reform

The Senate Democratic majority is blocking House Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey, D-Hamden, and minority Republicans from closing what critics say is major loophole in Connecticut’s system of publicly financing campaigns — the parties ability to direct special-interest money to taxpayer-funded candidates. Continue Reading →

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Can Connecticut’s campaign finance reforms be saved?

Reform it. Leave it alone. Blow it up. Prescriptions for fixing Connecticut’s system of publicly financing campaigns vary wildly. Its tight limits on contributions and spending turned porous in 2014, tarnishing what had been a shiny instrument of campaign finance reform. Continue Reading →

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Common Core an issue in Wilson, Kennedy race for Senate

The national debate over Common Core has come to the race for the open 12th State Senate seat, with Republican candidate Bruce H. Wilson, Jr. calling for the state to reconsider its plan to require all school districts to adopt new academic standards along with new standardized tests. Continue Reading →

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A Connecticut Kennedy, with sights on a seat in Hartford

Branford – Ted Kennedy Jr. made his debut as a candidate for public office Tuesday, blessed and burdened by a name that makes instant allies and passionate enemies of perfect strangers. His uncles and father began earlier, sights set on Congress or beyond. Kennedy, 52, is running for the part-time Connecticut General Assembly. Continue Reading →

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