Former Gov. Dannel P. Malloy frequently outmaneuvered the spending cap

First, the front page of the Aug. 9th Republican-American says “Malloy says state working to keep GE” in the state, as they are threatening to take their corporate offices elsewhere.

So Gov. Dannel “Giveaway” Malloy is offering “incentives” to keep their 800 corporate employees here. How nice.

This is an affront to all the other businesses in the state that have to keep paying high taxes and get no relief at all from the state. And to top it off, the taxes that all the other companies do pay will be used to provide the incentives to keep GE in the state! I’m sure they will be really happy about that.

Why can’t the state CUT business taxes and onerous regulations, which would foster business growth and expansion and thus generate MORE revenue for the state in the long run? Other states have done it. Is that concept too difficult for the Hartford brain trust to grasp?

A second article states that Gov. Malloy was in New Hampshire Monday, campaigning for Hillary Clinton. (“Malloy reaffirms support for Hillary Clinton.” ) I don’t care that the Democratic Governors Association and Clinton’s campaign are paying for his trip as long as the State of Connecticut isn’t.

What disgusts me the most is that he is even out of the state campaigning for someone else while Connecticut is collapsing. The taxpayers of Connecticut are paying him to sit in Hartford and run this state, of which he is doing a very poor job.

Our budget is probably illegal and is in shambles; GE is about ready to pull the plug on this state where they have been since 1970; we are dead last in economic growth in New England; the state population has been in decline for several years; businesses are closing or moving to more business friendly states; and instead of working 110 percent to address these problems, Gov. Dan is out in New Hampshire chatting up the benefits of voting for Hillary.

His pay should be docked for the entire time he was gone as he was not elected to campaign for other people. The lack of Gov. Giveaway Malloy’s full attention to solving the economic and social problems of Connecticut goes a long way toward hastening the economic demise of the state.

And by the way — four-plus years into his reign we are STILL waiting for GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, his signature 2010 campaign issue) to be implemented.

Craig Hoffman is a retired industrial engineer and quality manager who lives in Cheshire.

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