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Griebel: Rushing CT’s transportation ‘lockbox’ is a mistake

State officials will move forward Tuesday with new constitutional language to protect transportation spending, despite warnings Monday from one of Connecticut’s staunchest “lockbox” advocates that a hurried approach could lead to trouble. Continue Reading →

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CT deficit plan taps many special funds and one-time sources

While the General Assembly is expected to adopt a plan in special session Tuesday to close most or all of this fiscal year’s budget deficit, restore some funds for hospitals and finance modest business tax breaks, almost 40 percent of the plan diverts resources from specialized funds and various one-time sources. Continue Reading →

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AG declares constitutional spending cap unenforceable

Connecticut’s constitutional spending cap, often a major weapon in political and policy fights, carries no legal authority because of the legislature’s failure to formally implement the measure, Attorney General George Jepsen said Tuesday in a legal opinion. Continue Reading →

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Appropriations budget may finally spark a spending cap debate

When it comes to state finances, the constitutional spending cap has been the elephant in the room for the past decade. But the leaders of the legislature’s Appropriations Committee took the first step Monday to force a debate on a broken budget mechanism that increasingly promotes fiscal maneuvering, hefty borrowing, secrecy, and forfeiture of federal dollars. Continue Reading →

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Budget panel would blow by spending cap to restore social service, education funds

The legislature’s budget-writing panel recommended adding $514 million in spending to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s plan — and embraced a radical new interpretation of the constitutional spending cap — primarily to bolster human services and education. Continue Reading →

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