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Homeland Security: Assessing the impact of a shutdown in CT

What would be the impact in Connecticut of a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security? The risks depend on who you ask. But among the certainties are that TSA workers at Connecticut airports and most staff at the Coast Guard Academy in New London would be working without pay. Continue Reading →

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A little Connecticut PAC that provoked a big response

Leadership Connecticut PAC, the Republican political action committee that drew fire from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy this week and attracted street-theater protests Thursday night outside a cigar bar in New Haven, is an obscure player that pumped a modest $10,500 into the state’s multi-million-dollar political economy during the 2012 election cycle. Continue Reading →

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Foley courts gun owners without promising Sandy Hook repeal

Middletown — Republican gubernatorial contender Tom Foley told the state’s largest gun group Tuesday night that he would block further gun-control legislation if elected, but he has no plans to seek repeal of the sweeping changes to the state’s gun laws approved last year in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Continue Reading →

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Foley tweaks Malloy with TV ad — in NYC

He’s not an official candidate yet, but Republican Tom Foley on Monday rolled out the first television commercial of the 2014 race for governor. With a big wink to the voters and media back in Connecticut, it airs exclusively – and ever-so-briefly — on cable in New York City. To make a point about Connecticut’s economic climate under Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, Foley ostensibly addresses himself to New Yorkers with a tongue-in-cheek appeal to those who might be ready to flee the Big Apple in advance of a new liberal mayor taking office. “Hey, New York City,” Foley says as the screen shows an in-your-face New York Post cover that likens Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio to a Bolshevik. “With your new mayor, I know many of you are thinking about leaving. Continue Reading →

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