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Connecticut’s Schick razors receive a waiver in tariff war

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration new policy on imported steel and aluminum has prompted  dozens of Connecticut companies to ask for an exclusion from new tariffs on these metals, but only one, Schick Manufacturing Inc. of Shelton, has as yet received a waiver. Meanwhile, the European Union has counter-punched and President Donald Trump threatens to escalate the trade war. Continue Reading →

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Feds say CT cities had little economic growth in 2014

WASHINGTON – How healthy is the state’s economy? It’s a tale of two Connecticuts, and the subject of widely different viewpoints. But a recent federal report shows Connecticut’s big cities lag most others in the nation when it comes to economic growth. Continue Reading →

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CT unemployment rate ticks up despite November job gains

A gain of 4,600 jobs in November wasn’t enough to stop Connecticut’s unemployment rate from ticking upward slightly in the state’s last report before the New Year. The jobless rate rose from 6.4 to 6.5 percent, the Department of Labor reported Thursday, but the state has gained 25,700 jobs over the last 12 months.
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CT gains jobs in October but unemployment rate remains fixed

Connecticut’s jobless rate remained fixed at 6.4 percent in October, despite the addition of about 3,600 new jobs, the state Department of Labor reported Thursday. The agency’s latest report also downgraded job growth estimates it had released two weeks before Election Day.
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