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Budget choices, fiscal maneuvers undermine transportation funding

A growing list of long-desired projects deemed unaffordable by transportation officials isn’t the only challenge awaiting the next governor. Critics say a decade’s worth of poor budgetary decisions has left billions of dollars’ worth transportation financing approved in name only – and not converted into actual dollars spent on highways, bridges and railroads. The second of three in a series. Continue Reading →

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After internal campaign, CEA endorses Malloy

The endorsement Monday of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy by the Connecticut Education Association, the state’s largest teachers’ union, came after an unprecedented effort by the union’s leadership to defuse dissatisfaction with the first-term Democrat and raise aware of what it considers hostile positions by Republican Tom Foley. Continue Reading →

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Minority votes important – but elusive — in tight congressional races

In 2012, President Obama was at the top of the ticket, drawing minorities to the polls in Connecticut and across the nation. But he’s not on the ballot in this midterm election and that is expected to change the political calculus on how minority votes will affect some Connecticut congressional races. Continue Reading →

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Improving transportation in Connecticut: A decade of slow going

This year the state expects to rake in 40 percent more at the pumps, between wholesale and retail fuel taxes, than it did a decade ago. The transportation network hasn’t made similar progress. First of a three-day series. Continue Reading →

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Blumenthal says he’d rather be a senator than the nation’s top cop

WASHINGTON – Sen. Richard Blumenthal said Friday he’s honored by speculation he’d be considered to replace retiring Attorney General Eric Holder, “but I’m even more honored to serve as senator for the people of Connecticut.” Continue Reading →

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It’s a trick question: Who earns more, Malloy or Foley?

Republican Tom Foley shared summaries of federal tax returns Friday that showed business losses and alimony left the Greenwich businessman and gubernatorial nominee with no taxable income in 2011 and an adjusted gross of $20,462 in 2012, far less than the public employee who now occupies the Executive Residence. Continue Reading →

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Malloy sees, seizes opportunity in Foley’s school plan

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy moved quickly Thursday to exploit what Democrats say is an ill-considered and impractical proposal by Republican Tom Foley to allow urban parents to pick the local public school of their choice and strip money from failing schools as their children go elsewhere. Continue Reading →

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