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Medicaid clients, seniors, health care providers face cuts under governor’s plan

About 34,000 parents would lose Medicaid coverage. Seniors would have to pay more for home care. The state would abandon a plan to better coordinate care for the costliest Medicaid clients and most health care providers that treat Medicaid patients would face a pay cut. It is all part of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s aim to save hundreds of millions of dollars through cuts to health care and social service programs.

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The Malloy solution: Deep cuts, new tax revenue, deferred promises

The biennial budget Gov. Dannel P. Malloy intends to propose today would erase a two-year, $2.5 billion shortfall with $1.6 billion in spending cuts and $900 million in additional revenue, an attempt to say he is equitably spreading pain while keeping a pledge not to raise taxes. Malloy, a Democrat re-elected last fall, is proposing a three-pronged approach to his second fiscal crisis in four years: deep spending cuts, combined with additional revenue raised by deferring promised tax cuts and boosting tax receipts without changing rates.

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Auditors: Workers’ comp officials overcharged insurers to rebuild fund

The state improperly charged Connecticut insurance companies and small businesses $450,000 last fiscal year to recoup a legislative raid on the Workers’ Compensation Administration Fund, the state auditors reported Monday.
But in a written response to the Auditors John C. Geragosian and Robert M. Ward, the commission insisted the assessment was necessary to ensure it had sufficient cash on hand to meet its obligations.