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CT lawmakers give Weinstein donations to charities that help women

WASHINGTON – Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein has been a generous contributor to political campaigns, giving largely to Democratic candidates, including several in Connecticut. Those politicians are now giving that money to charities that help abused women. Continue Reading →

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Obama says election a choice ‘about who we are as a people’

PHILADELPHIA — Led by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic National Convention shook off shook off two nights of intra-party dissent Wednesday to deliver a relentless assault on the character and temperament of Republican Donald J. Trump and his dark view of an America in decline. Continue Reading →

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DeLauro breaks with Obama, big CT firms on Pacific trade deal

WASHINGTON – Rep. Rosa DeLauro is on a collision course with President Obama and some of Connecticut’s largest companies over a proposed trade deal with 12 countries on the Pacific Rim that span from Chile to Japan. DeLauro, D-3rd District, has become a leading opponent of the president’s plans for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP.
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