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House adopts controversial state budget

Connecticut’s long-running budget drama began drawing to a close early Wednesday as the House of Representatives adopted a $40.3 billion, two-year package that largely restores deep cuts to social services and expands municipal aid while bolstering tax revenues by almost $2 billion. Continue Reading →

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Democrats modify tax proposals, but business unimpressed

Democratic legislators are using a two-stage, 50-cent increase in cigarette taxes to lessen — but not to eliminate — controversial income and data processing tax hikes, with the goal of passing a $40.3 billion, two-year state budget plan on Tuesday. The state’s chief business lobby quickly decried the changes as woefully inadequate. Continue Reading →

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White smoke on budget deal might require cigarette tax hike

Still needing a relatively small amount of revenue — tens of millions of dollars in a two-year budget of more than $40 billion — negotiators have struggled to find the right sources that will yield dollars without costing votes. A possible source under consideration is an old favorite, taxes on cigarettes. Continue Reading →

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Tax hike ideas abound at the Capitol

Now that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s campaign pledge not to raise taxes is in the political rearview mirror, the Democratic governor’s political base is seeking to widen the tax debate in hopes of averting some painful spending cuts. Higher income-tax rates on the wealthy, restoration of the capital gains levy, an extra $1.50 per pack on cigarettes and expanding sales taxes on business are among the ideas circulating at the Capitol.
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