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Coast Guard strained by budget constraints

WASHINGTON — When the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship off the coast of Japan last month, resulting in the deaths of seven American sailors, the U.S. Coast Guard was dispatched to investigate the incident. That’s an example of the service’s widening mission, which has not been matched by an increase in personnel or resources, leaving its leaders to question whether they can fully accomplish their missions. Continue Reading →

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Courtney to Malloy: Use HUD funds to help fix crumbling foundations

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s budget would eliminate a housing grant program that pays for projects in nearly two dozen Connecticut towns – and Rep. Joe Courtney wants the Malloy administration to also use it to help residents with crumbling foundations before the money disappears. Continue Reading →

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House bill would charge for Coast Guard patrols at private events

When the Belle Haven Club wanted to put on fireworks over Long Island Sound near Greenwich last June, the U.S. Coast Guard was required to establish a safety perimeter to keep boaters away from the event, an operation that was paid for by U.S. taxpayers. But Congress may soon require the club and others who tap the resources of the Coast Guard for private parties and events to pay for those services. Continue Reading →

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House approves Homeland Security funding

WASHINGTON – An impasse over funding of the Department of Homeland Security that threatened the paychecks of nearly 1,500 agency employees in Connecticut ended Tuesday as the House approved a bill that does not include riders to block President Obama’s immigration policies. Continue Reading →

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In CT, 1,500 Homeland Security employees spared shutdown, for now

WASHINGTON – With a last-minute vote, Congress averted a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security, extending its funding by seven days and at least temporarily sparing 1,500 agency employees in Connecticut their paychecks. Continue Reading →

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Feds to send team to inspect Walk Bridge

WASHINGTON – The Federal Railroad Administration is sending a team of inspectors to Connecticut next week to assess the conditions of all of the state’s five movable railroad bridges, including the Norwalk River’s Walk Bridge, whose recent malfunctions have snarled commuter traffic. Continue Reading →

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Private parties on Long Island Sound tax U.S. Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard unit stationed in New Haven has the job of patrolling Long Island Sound for drug smugglers and terrorists. But it also is deployed to enforce safety perimeters around dozens of private parties every year, many of which include fireworks displays over the water. Continue Reading →

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