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End to federal shutdown elusive, impact will grow in CT

Terence Ward has worked for the U.S. Justice Department for 28 years and plans to continue to do so, but after next Friday, he and all 22 employees of the federal public defender’s office in the state will work without pay if the government shutdown continues. Ward is one of about 1,500 federal employees in the state affected by the shutdown, which isn’t likely to end soon and whose impact in Connecticut will grow with time.

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Coast Guard strained by budget constraints

WASHINGTON — When the USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship off the coast of Japan last month, resulting in the deaths of seven American sailors, the U.S. Coast Guard was dispatched to investigate the incident. That’s an example of the service’s widening mission, which has not been matched by an increase in personnel or resources, leaving its leaders to question whether they can fully accomplish their missions.

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House bill would charge for Coast Guard patrols at private events

When the Belle Haven Club wanted to put on fireworks over Long Island Sound near Greenwich last June, the U.S. Coast Guard was required to establish a safety perimeter to keep boaters away from the event, an operation that was paid for by U.S. taxpayers. But Congress may soon require the club and others who tap the resources of the Coast Guard for private parties and events to pay for those services.