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Connecticut Democrats embrace Trump as organizing tool

The Connecticut Democratic Party has averaged an email “alert” every other day since Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, using the president’s pronouncements on Obamacare, voter fraud, abortion, financial regulation and immigration to expand and energize the Democratic base. So far, Democrats say, Trump has produced results. Continue Reading →

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CT GOP pushes a tight message, even if Trump and RNC won’t

CLEVELAND — Republicans go home Friday to begin testing a convention-crafted message of Donald J. Trump as the only answer for an America imperiled by Islamic jihadists, bad trade deals, Black Lives Matter, stagnant wages, environmental regulations, unchecked immigration, Washington elites, activist judges, Obamacare, gay marriage, a biased media and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Continue Reading →

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Trump plays biggest role at Connecticut Democratic convention

Nominating Richard Blumenthal was the main order of business. But the specter of President Donald J. Trump starred Saturday at the Connecticut Democratic State Convention, a welcome presence to a party with divided presidential loyalties and the challenge of retaining control of the General Assembly in an angry and unsettled political year. Continue Reading →

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GOP faces endorsement fights Monday for Senate, 2nd & 5th CDs

Ten years after they last won federal office in Connecticut, Republicans will make endorsements Monday night in a three-way race for U.S. Senate and in all five congressional districts, at least two of which are expected to be contested. Continue Reading →

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New leader, but same result: CT GOP trails in fundraising

The Connecticut Republican Party struggled to compete financially during J.R. Romano’s first six months as state chairman, collecting about 29 cents for every dollar contributed to the state Democratic Party, according to reports filed over the weekend. Continue Reading →

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George Soros joins ranks of donors to CT Democrats

The financier George Soros was among two billionaires making a maximum contribution of $10,000 to the Connecticut Democratic Party in September, helping the party raise $628,889, according to a filing Monday with the Federal Election Commission. Continue Reading →

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GOP sues, claims Democrats illegally supported Malloy

The Connecticut Republican Party filed a lawsuit and elections complaint Friday accusing the state Democratic Party of illegally using federal campaign contributions to support the re-election of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Continue Reading →

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Democrats say Foley’s campaign finances just don’t add up

An elections complaint filed by the Connecticut Democratic Party claims that the gubernatorial campaign of Republican Tom Foley failed to report major expenses in June, such as staff salaries and the cost of producing the commercial that began airing Monday. Continue Reading →

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For CT Democrats, those $10,000 checks keep coming

The state pays $4.7 million annually in rent for top state elected officials in the building pictured above. The landlord gave the Connecticut Democratic Party $30,000 last month, part of the steady flow of cash from state contractors, including the recent winner of an $8.63 million contract. Continue Reading →

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CT Democrats plan coronation, not convention

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has been insisting he has yet to decide if he is running for re-election, an assertion that prompts eye-rolling among the Capitol press. On Thursday, his own party made clear they are not buying the indecision claim, either. Connecticut Democrats announced that their nominating convention will be May 16, a Friday evening, at the Connecticut Convention Center in downtown Hartford. The schedule assumes that all six statewide constitutional officers, Malloy included, will be renominated by acclamation. Conventions to nominate for contested positions are typically all-day affairs, requiring long roll-call votes. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut Democrats outraised CT GOP 14-1 in final state finance report

The Connecticut Republican Party ended 2013 with a surplus of $14,292 in its state account, compared with $112,606 for Connecticut Democrats. The GOP had $16,675 in cash and debt of $2,383. Democrats had no debt. Continue Reading →

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