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Esty prepares to leave Congress — and politics

WASHINGTON – Many lawmakers who will retire at the end of this Congress or have lost re-election have shuttered their offices and gone home. Not so Connecticut Democrat, U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty. While she is determined to work to the last moment, without an office or staff, Esty says she’s done with politics. Continue Reading →

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IG report: Coast Guard Academy retaliated against whistleblower who reported racial bias

WASHINGTON – Federal investigators determined the Coast Guard Academy in New London retaliated against a black, female officer after she complained she was bullied and harassed. The academy is also under congressional investigation for allegations of racial discrimination, harassment and bullying. Continue Reading →

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Courtney, other Dems, probe claims of harassment, racial disparities at Coast Guard Academy

WASHINGTON – Concerned about complaints of sexual harassment and bullying at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Rep. Joe Courtney and two other Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday asked the new Coast Guard commander, Admiral Karl Shultz, for information and internal records that would aid them in an investigation of racial disparity and harassment. Continue Reading →

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Esty: I gave abusive staffer good reference to ‘get him out of Washington’

WASHINGTON — Rep. Elizabeth Esty said she wrote a glowing reference letter for former chief of staff Tony Baker with the understanding the would leave Washington, D.C., providing “space” and protection to  another former aide, Anna Kain, who has accused Baker of physical and verbal abuse. “My instinct was once I learned about (the abuse) was how to protect her,” Esty, D-5th District, said. Continue Reading →

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Esty apologizes for failing to protect staffers from abuse

WASHINGTON — Rep. Elizabeth Esty apologized to current and former staffers Thursday for failing to notice that her former chief of staff, Tony Baker, had been abusive to her staffers and for failing to take swifter action in firing him. “It’s awful and I feel terrible for everyone who was hurt,” said Esty, D-5th District. Continue Reading →

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