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Labor, advocacy groups call for tax hikes instead of budget cuts

A top Connecticut labor leader blasted Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget as continuing “to protect the very, very wealthy,” offering a counterpoint to the governor’s call for deep spending cuts and state workforce reductions, and to the broader aversion among many legislators to the idea of raising taxes for a second consecutive year. Continue Reading →

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Labor vows political fallout from Himes trade stance

WASHINGTON — Rep. Jim Himes is in Germany with President Obama for the G-7 meeting of major world economic powers, evidence of the president’s success in influencing key members of his party to vote for a trade measure considered a poison pill for most Democrats. Immediately, organized labor said there would be a political price to pay for Himes’ support on the trade bill. Continue Reading →

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Battle lines drawn in Connecticut over Pacific trade deal

WASHINGTON – The battle lines drawn over a proposed U.S. trade pact with 11 Pacific Rim nations are running straight through Connecticut, which has emerged as the home of some of the proposed agreement’s most ardent supporters and bitter foes. Continue Reading →

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The new voice of labor in Connecticut is female and gay

Hamden – Lori J. Pelletier appears set to be chosen by acclamation in a casino hotel ballroom Thursday as the new voice and face of labor in Connecticut, becoming the first openly gay woman to lead a state labor federation in the United States. But on Tuesday, Pelletier stood at a busy shopping plaza, trying to be heard over idling CT Transit buses and passing delivery trucks as she spoke in support of U.S. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro’s push for a federal version of Connecticut’s groundbreaking paid-sick day law. “The workforce today is like it is in this plaza,” Pelletier said. A majority of U.S. private-sector workers are non-union, with many drawing paychecks from service and retail jobs where minimum standards for pay and benefits often are set by law, not by the marketplace or negotiated contracts. “That’s why we’re here,” Pelletier said. Continue Reading →

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