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A first lady who wants Connecticut to ‘reimagine justice’

First Lady Cathy Malloy interrupted an impromptu interview Wednesday at the two-day conference she and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy are co-hosting, Reimagining Justice, to say goodbye to a friend, Tracie Bernardi. The two women hugged, and Bernardi said, “I love you.” They met years ago on Malloy’s visit to prison. Bernardi was doing time for murder. Continue Reading →

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State prison population climbs even higher

The state’s prison population continued its yearlong upward climb this week. According to a new report filed Thursday by the Criminal Justice Policy & Planning Division, the average inmate population during the first week in July stood at 17,115, an increase of 108 prisoners – or a little less than 1 percent – above June’s level. Continue Reading →

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