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Early count has Ganim on path to qualify for primary

Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim seemed assured Tuesday night of qualifying for a Democratic primary for governor, setting the stage for a summer campaign by the ex-con mayor against the convention-endorsed favorite, Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont. As of 4 p.m., Ganim had 7,612 signatures already authenticated and tabulated — nearly half of what he needs to force a primary. He says he collected and filed 32,000 to be safe. Continue Reading →

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Stefanowski gets closer on less-traveled path to GOP primary

Bob Stefanowski has campaigned for governor of Connecticut in something of an alternate universe, a place where there was no Republican state convention, no delegates deciding who gets access to the primary ballot. Instead, Stefanowski’s path to the primary brought him, his volunteers and paid staff to the homes of more than 12,000 Republican voters. Continue Reading →

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A South Windsor native’s ‘pang of guilt’ touched off EpiPen war

Though her use of an online petition, Mellini Kantayya, touched off a furor over the rapid price hikes in the cost of EpiPens, the auto-injector that delivers a drug that counters the effects of a potentially fatal allergic reaction. She hopes the reaction will open the door to greater scrutiny of the pharmaceutical industry. Continue Reading →

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