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Military health care for PTSD, depression falls short, report finds

The military’s health program falls significantly short in providing mental health care to active service members, according to a RAND Corp. study published Thursday. The study focuses on post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, the two most common mental health conditions experienced in the armed services. Continue Reading →

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Senate votes to expand workers’ comp for cops, firefighters

The Senate voted 25 to 11 early Friday for legislation expanding workers’ compensation for police and firefighters, overcoming complaints that the new unfunded mandates would be financially ruinous to cities and towns in Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Yale class-action lawsuit seeks redress for Vietnam vets

Conley Monk was given a choice as a 21-year-old Marine lance corporal struggling with drugs and nightmares after combat in Vietnam: Accept a less-than-honorable discharge or face an indefinite stay in a base brig on Okinawa. He took the ticket home. Now 65 and recently diagnosed with PTSD, he is lead plaintiff in a suit filed Monday on behalf of Vietnam veterans trying to upgrade their discharge status. Continue Reading →

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