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State delays controversial electronic system mandate for home health care

The state Department of Social Services has agreed to postpone the rollout of a new electronic system for home health agencies after an outcry among providers and threats to drop clients on Medicaid. Continue Reading →

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Sweeping plan put forward to control rising health care costs

After spending six months studying new ways to control ever-growing health care costs, a state-hired consulting firm presented a plan to Connecticut’s Health Care Cabinet Tuesday that calls for the largest reorganization and consolidation of health-related state agencies in two decades. Continue Reading →

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DSS said to have continued thousands on Medicaid without ensuring they were still eligible

The state Department of Social Services continued providing Medicaid coverage to thousands of people for more than a year without checking whether they remained eligible, as is federally required, according to a contractor who recently left the department. Continue Reading →

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Need to reach a DSS worker? Can you hold for 78 minutes?

This is a photo of Angela Lewis-Shakes

More than a year after the state Department of Social Services changed its phone system, people who rely on it say it remains unacceptably difficult to reach a worker. Last month, callers looking to speak to a person waited on hold an average of 78 minutes. And 71 percent hung up first. Continue Reading →

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DSS call center wait times drop, but two-thirds of callers still hanging up

This is a picture of The Department of Social Services' performance data for March.

Callers who wanted to talk to a Department of Social Services worker by phone last month had to wait an average of 39 minutes and 29 seconds to do so. That’s down from one hour and 13 minutes in February. Social service officials say that’s progress, but client advocates say another figure gives more cause for concern. Continue Reading →

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Proposed settlement reached in DSS Medicaid application delay lawsuit

This is a picture of Social Services Commissioner Roderick L. Bremby.

The Department of Social Services is seeking approval to hire dozens of additional workers to comply with a proposed settlement to a class action lawsuit alleging that delays in processing Medicaid applications have left poor state residents waiting months to get coverage and care. Continue Reading →

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DSS system woes burden CT’s senior centers, aging agencies

This is a photo of Roderick L. Bremby, Connecticut's social services commissioner, speaking to a social worker.

People who work in senior centers, town social service offices and senior housing complexes say the state Department of Social Services’ new system has led to elderly residents losing benefits, low-income clients having to pay out-of-pocket for medication, and more of their own time devoted to trying to fix problems caused by the new system. Continue Reading →

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Easier enrollment process could mean thousands more with coverage under Obamacare, researchers say

Having a seamless, one-stop shopping process for state residents to enroll in health care coverage could ensure that an additional 26,000 people get insurance, and 36,000 avoid losing their coverage, according to research released this week. Continue Reading →

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