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CT’s Senate’s only Hispanic would have voted ‘no’ on aid to undocumented students

The state Senate’s only Hispanic member missed a vote Wedensday night on a bill that would make undocumented students eligible for a pool of college financial aid money. The bill passed 21-13 and was sent to the House, but Sen. Art Linares now says he would have voted against it. Continue Reading →

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Session Notes: Legalizing pot gets its hearing

It’s a steep climb for proponents of legalized marijuana in Connecticut. The legislature’s Judiciary Committee killed a legalization bill without even holding a public hearing this year, and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy appears unalterably opposed. But the issue cleared one threshold Tuesday: It was the subject of an informational hearing. Continue Reading →

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Union steps up lobbying despite movement on teacher evaluation

Despite indications the state will delay linking student test scores to teacher evaluations for another year and will scale back how heavily those scores must be weighed, the state’s largest teachers’ union is stepping up its lobbying efforts. Continue Reading →

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Session Notes: Governor names certificate of need task force

The task force, created by a February executive order, will review the state’s certificate of need process, which governs whether hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities and certain physician organizations can open certain facilities, acquire certain equipment, change ownership or eliminate services. Continue Reading →

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Session notes: Tuition hikes net mixed reactions from legislators

Proposed tuition and fee increases of $480 for the four regional public universities and $141 for the 12 community colleges have been called “fair” by the college president, “disturbing” by a Republican legislator and “inevitable” by the House chair of the Higher Education Committee. Continue Reading →

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