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5 health care stories to watch in the 2017 legislative session

From an ailing state budget to potential changes in the way the state oversees what services hospitals deliver, state lawmakers will be dealing with a variety of health-related issues during the upcoming legislative session. Here are five to keep an eye on. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut tobacco farmers eyeing Cuban market

WASHINGTON – Before the Cuban Revolution brought on the U.S. economic embargo on the island about 55 years ago, Cuba’s world-class cigars were often wrapped in special tobacco leaves grown in Connecticut. Connecticut farmers want access to that market again, and Sen. Chris Murphy wants to help them get it. Continue Reading →

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White smoke on budget deal might require cigarette tax hike

Still needing a relatively small amount of revenue — tens of millions of dollars in a two-year budget of more than $40 billion — negotiators have struggled to find the right sources that will yield dollars without costing votes. A possible source under consideration is an old favorite, taxes on cigarettes. Continue Reading →

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