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Posted inCT Viewpoints

CT must act to reduce the number of gun deaths among black men

While Connecticut has the fifth lowest rate of gun deaths in the nation, we still have an unacceptably high level of gun homicide. Although the number of deaths has come down substantially since the 1990s there were 72 gun homicides in 2019, on average more than one a week. The deaths are concentrated in our largest cities: gun homicides in Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven accounted for two-thirds of 2019 statewide gun homicides. Black men are disproportionately the victims, killed by guns at 25 times the rate that non-Hispanic white men are.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Brave but hopeful, deported but determined — and still optimistic

I just got a call from a Salvadoran migrant I met almost a year ago when I spent 10 days on the Arizona/Sonora border with nine other women from Connecticut. We learned a lot about the situation of migrants on both sides of the border and volunteered at a shelter in Tucson where up to 300 migrants – parents with children – stayed briefly before moving on to their sponsors across the country.

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Tips to stave off armageddon (if you are a billionaire)

Recently, some smart observers of our economy have realized that our system is broken. These voices point out that the gap between rich and poor has grown too wide, and most people have not seen real income growth in decades. They denounce that the economy is rigged against working families. They point out that our education and health system are grossly unfair, driving growing unrest. The tax system and the prison system drive growing inequality, with political deadlock only making it worse.