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Shays wrote the law, but wants reform of Congress’s sexual harassment policy

Former Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays, who sponsored the House bill that established the Office of Compliance 20 years ago, said secret settlements weren’t the goal of his legislation. He wants the House rules changed to increase transparency and shift responsibility for payouts to the accused. Continue Reading →

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Shays joins ‘Republicans for Hillary’ campaign

WASHINGTON — Former GOP Rep. Chris Shays was one of 50 prominent Republicans on Wednesday to launch “Together for America,” a group that supports Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. Shays said he decided to support Hillary Clinton, instead of this party’s nominee Donald Trump, for president after watching the national parties’ conventions.. Continue Reading →

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The Never-Trump dissidents are heard, if briefly

CLEVELAND — The Connecticut delegation stood with Donald J. Trump on Monday as the Republican National Convention opened with an unsuccessful rules fight by delegates still hoping to find a path to throw open the GOP nomination for president. The state’s GOP chairman called the rules fight “an act of petulance.” Continue Reading →

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Kasich may not excite, but he says he can beat Hillary

A playful John Kasich made his entrance on tiptoe Friday, sneaking in during a long-winded introduction by an old congressional pal, Chris Shays. Smiling broadly, Kasich signaled to the giggling crowd not to give him away as he edged forward. The path to the nomination in Cleveland is not as sure. Continue Reading →

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Irony not dead in this CT campaign finance fight

The Democratic Party is using federal campaign finance reforms co-sponsored by former U.S. Rep. Chris Shays, a Republican, to challenge a subpoena issued by state elections officials investigating a GOP complaint about the re-election of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Shays says the Democrats are exploiting an unintended consequence of his reforms: federal preemption. Continue Reading →

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Himes performs balancing act to keep support of voters

WASHINGTON — Democratic Rep. Jim Himes has mastered the high-wire act forced upon him by his job of representing the 4th congressional district in Congress. He’s been able to balance the concerns of the district’s wealthy voters with those of far fewer means who support Democratic policies to help the poor, all while climbing the rungs of his party’s leadership ladder. Continue Reading →

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