Connecticut presidential primary

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Sanders happy to drive the debate, but his goal still: ‘Winning’

The morning after attracting 14,000 to the New Haven Green, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was in no mood Monday to talk about his success in reshaping the Democratic agenda or contemplating that a victory for him could be anything less than winning the presidential nomination. “We are fighting to become the nominee,” Sanders told The Mirror. “We’re going to win here in Connecticut.” Continue Reading →

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Sanders tells New Haven throng he wants a political revolution

NEW HAVEN – Bernie Sanders lit up The Green as the sun set Sunday, railing against an economy and political system he says are controlled by an oligarchy, repeatedly jabbing at his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, as a candidate of wealth and Wall Street. Continue Reading →

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Clinton looks past Sanders, calls Trump, Cruz dangerous

BRIDGEPORT – A hoarse Hillary Clinton closed her Connecticut primary campaign Sunday with an implicit nod to the supporters of her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, and a loud repudiation of how she says America has been divided by the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Republicans Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz. Continue Reading →

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Sanders fails to get UConn site, heads to Hartford riverfront

Updated Friday 2:15 p.m.
The presidential campaign of Democrat Bernie Sanders couldn’t come to terms with the University of Connecticut for an event Monday morning, but he is expected to rally Sunday night on the New Haven Green — and substitute the Hartford riverfront for UConn on Monday. Republicans John Kasich and Donald J. Trump have confirmed events, and Democrat Hillary Clinton is expected, too. See our updated schedule of events. Continue Reading →

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