Donald E. Williams Jr.

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Regents opt to disappoint, not appoint, Sen. Donald Williams

An unusually high-profile search for a new Quinebaug Valley Community College president ended Friday with the selection of Carlee Drummer, an Illinois community college administrator, over the top leader of the Connecticut Senate, Donald E. Williams Jr. New leaders also were named for Asnuntuck and Three Rivers. Continue Reading →

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Senate Democrats duck sentencing reforms for juveniles

Senate Democrats Thursday defended their failure for the second consecutive year to heed the warnings of the U.S Supreme Court to provide a chance of parole to juveniles sentenced to life sentences — or risk intervention by the courts. Continue Reading →

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Op-ed: Sen. Williams not qualified or eligible to be college president

Connecticut State Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams Jr. is not qualified to be appointed president of Quinebaug Valley Community College. Nor should the position become a fallback sinecure for a politician looking to retire and reinvent himself. Continue Reading →

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CT Democrats vow to grow more jobs in 2014

With Connecticut’s unemployment rate continuing to lag the nation’s, majority Democrats tried to assure voters Tuesday that job development is their top priority. Leaders from the House and Senate unveiled a jobs and business agenda that includes additional financing for job subsidies, new school-to-job programs, expansion of state ports and business opportunities near college campuses and new protections for businesses facing baseless patent lawsuits. Continue Reading →

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