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Connecticut’s lieutenant governor primaries confront gender, generation and race

The office is derided as the spare part of government, a job with few duties other than being available should the boss fall ill or worse. But primaries for lieutenant governor in Connecticut are asking Democrats and Republicans to think about their openness and appeal to millennials and minorities in a decidedly unsettled election cycle. Continue Reading →

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Erin Stewart: ‘It’s time for my generation to step up’

NEW BRITAIN — Mayor Erin Stewart’s late entrance into the crowded race for governor Monday challenges Connecticut Republicans to embrace a socially liberal millennial who has won three races in this racially diverse and overwhelmingly Democratic city, alternately impressing audiences as fresh, engaging and at times irreverent. Continue Reading →

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Once reticent, Erin Stewart visits Trump in Oval Office

New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart, a Republican who had kept her distance from President Trump, accepted an invitation Wednesday to the Oval Office to publicize the administration’s new “Opportunity Zones.” She quickly found herself attacked by Democrats and sighing loudly as the president delivered a zinger over General Electric moving its headquarters from Fairfield to Boston. Continue Reading →

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