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Court: UConn can withhold names of animal researchers, for now

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a trial judge used the wrong legal standard when he ordered the University of Connecticut to give an animal-rights group the names of researchers who had violated animal-research protocols. The university withheld the names to protect the researchers from potential abuse by animal-rights activists. Continue Reading →

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UConn disciplinary investigation tests limits of FOI

The Connecticut Supreme Court was urged on the opening day of its new term Tuesday to draw “a bright line” defining when public institutions of higher education must release findings of professional misconduct and other disciplinary records. Continue Reading →

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CT Senate leader opposes privacy bill as affront to FOI

In testimony delivered in quick succession Monday to two legislative committees, Senate President Pro Tem Donald E. Williams Jr., D-Brooklyn, strongly condemned post-Newtown legislation that would restrict public access to 9-1-1 recordings, police photographs and names of witnesses in drug or violent crimes. Continue Reading →

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Opinion: CT government’s conflicted feelings about transparency

Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Executive Order #39, signed last month, creates an open data portal to “further Connecticut’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, social progress, and economic expansion.” But there are other kinds of actions — being undertaken by the state legislature — that would undercut the trend toward greater transparency. Continue Reading →

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