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CT closer to offering keno

The state of Connecticut moved closer this week toward offering keno gaming at restaurants, bars and convenience stores this winter. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration announced it has reached an agreement with the two Indian tribes that run casinos in southeastern Connecticut to share 25 percent of the keno proceeds. Continue Reading →

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House adopts controversial state budget

Connecticut’s long-running budget drama began drawing to a close early Wednesday as the House of Representatives adopted a $40.3 billion, two-year package that largely restores deep cuts to social services and expands municipal aid while bolstering tax revenues by almost $2 billion. Continue Reading →

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New budget includes $200 million income tax hit on middle class

A last-minute component of the new two-year state budget deal includes a $100 million-per-year income tax hike on Connecticut’s middle class, according to budget documents released early Monday. The hit comes in the form of a reduced credit for local property tax payments. Continue Reading →

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Finance chair wants Keno included in new gambling debate

If the state and Connecticut’s Indian tribes are considering opening new gaming sites, then launching Keno – a lottery-style game legislators have flirted with in recent years – must be on the table as well, the House chairman of the legislature’s revenue panel said Tuesday.
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Legislature adopts new CT budget built on risky assumptions

The General Assembly adopted a $19 billion budget early Sunday that relies on about $200 million in fund sweeps and risky savings and revenues assumptions to stay in balance – including the last-minute discovery of $75 million in “miscellaneous” tax receipts. Continue Reading →

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CT budget relies on $75M in newfound ‘miscellaneous’ tax revenues

The new $19 billion state budget the House of Representatives is expected to adopt late Saturday relies on nearly $200 million in fund sweeps, risky savings assumptions and other gimmicks to stay in balance – including the last-minute discovery of $75 million in “miscellaneous” tax revenue. Continue Reading →

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CT budget deal delays tax breaks, dumps keno, employs iffy savings

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Democratic legislative leaders announced a tentative budget deal that postpones tax relief for teachers and consumers, repeals the launch of keno and relies on tens of millions of dollars in questionable savings assumptions. Continue Reading →

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House aims for Saturday vote on a budget without keno

The prospect of keno being introduced into hundreds of bars and restaurants shortly before the fall elections was enough to encourage legislators and the administration of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to delete keno revenue from a budget now likely to come to a vote Saturday. Legislators say the final call was the administration’s. Continue Reading →

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Early tax returns diminish hopes for big CT budget surpluses

As the April 15 tax deadline approached, speculation at the Capitol was that tax receipts would rise. The question was, Would they grow modestly, or explode? But early tax returns have weakened hopes for any explosion, and raised the specter of something worse.
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Keno’s repeal is no longer a sure bet in Connecticut

Keno, the unwanted child of Connecticut politics, vilified by gambling opponents and publicly defended by no major political figure, improbably remains alive as the General Assembly begins the last two weeks of the 2014 session. Continue Reading →

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