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A struggle for high ground on campaign reform in CT

The General Assembly’s Republican minority moved Thursday to shape the debate on Connecticut’s system of publicly financing campaigns, demanding that Democrats close loopholes undermining the state’s clean-elections law. The GOP offers itself as the savior of a system whose creation was opposed by most Republicans. Continue Reading →

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CT GOP claims illegal coordination between Malloy, DGA

The Connecticut Republican Party has filed an elections complaint claiming illegal coordination between Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s re-election campaign and Connecticut Forward, an independent expenditure group recently created by the Democratic Governors Association. It makes a novel argument, but offers no direct evidence. Continue Reading →

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DGA creates CT affiliate, hires Obama team to help Malloy

The Democratic Governors Association has established its long-anticipated beachhead in Connecticut, hiring elements of President Obama’s re-election team through a week-old independent expenditure group, Connecticut Forward. Continue Reading →

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SEEC grants Malloy campaign funds, rejects complaint

On separate votes Wednesday, the State Elections Enforcement Commission dismissed allegations of illegal fundraising and campaigning by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and approved a $6.5 million public financing grant for the re-election campaign of Malloy and his running mate, Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman. Continue Reading →

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DGA loses challenge, but can still support Malloy’s election

The decision Tuesday by Chief U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall leaves intact the state’s regulatory authority over independent expenditures by the Democratic Governors Association, but it does not block the organization from supporting the re-election of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Continue Reading →

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Judge orders settlement try in DGA campaign case

New Haven – U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall ordered the Democratic Governors Association and the State Elections Enforcement Commission into settlement talks Wednesday in an attempt to resolve the DGA’s claim that the commission overly restricts independent expenditures. Prior to the closed-door negotiations, Hall sharply questioned lawyers for both sides in open court, probing the DGA’s legal standing to challenge a law it is yet to be accused of violating. Continue Reading →

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GOP sides with state in lawsuit filed by Democratic governors

The state Republican Party intervened Thursday on the side of the state in the Democratic Governors Association’s campaign-finance lawsuit, meaning the GOP will be fighting Democrats in court over the DGA’s challenge to the state’s rules on independent expenditures. Continue Reading →

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DGA challenges Connecticut’s campaign finance restrictions

The Democratic Governors Association, which expects to heavily advertise this fall to support the re-election of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday challenging the constitutionality of how Connecticut regulates independent campaign expenditures. Continue Reading →

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Philly Flyers owner: His $10,000 to CT Dems not ‘pay to play’

Ed Snider is trying to ensure there is no legal cloud over the ability of his company’s subsidiaries to do business with the state. One — Global Spectrum — finalized a 10-year deal July 1 to manage two state-owned venues, the XL Center in Hartford and Rentschler Field in East Hartford. Continue Reading →

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Commission: GOP claim of illegal Malloy fundraising unfounded

The GOP’s complaint came amid Malloy’s aggressive fundraising on behalf of the state party, which has used its federal campaign account to raise tens of thousands of dollars from state contractors. State law bars those contractors from contributing to Malloy or the party’s state account. Continue Reading →

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