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Salaries, fringe benefits driving tuition hikes at CT public colleges

Top financial officials from Connecticut’s two major public college systems told legislators Friday that rising fringe benefit costs and mandated employee salary increases are key driving forces behind tuition hikes. Continue Reading →

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Steep tuition hike pitched for many community college students

Updated at 7:13 p.m.
Tuition and fees would increase next semester for community college students who take more than 12 credit hours, and the regional Connecticut state universities would stop offering students health insurance under two proposals to balance a difficult budget for the state college system. Continue Reading →

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Tuition hike pitched for public college system

It’s almost certain to become more expensive to attend the Connecticut State Universities and community colleges. Board of Regents President Mark Ojakian on Wednesday recommended state residents pay $480 more to attend the four regional state universities — a 5 percent increase — and $347 more to enroll in community colleges. Continue Reading →

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Mixed reactions from Malloy, lawmakers on UConn tuition hike

What a difference four years makes. In 2011, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy during his budget address to the General Assembly called on the University of Connecticut not to increase tuition at a faster rate than inflation. He made the request even though state funding cuts to to the public university were inevitable as lawmakers grappled with closing a $3.67 billion deficit. With a looming $552 million deficit in the upcoming fiscal year — and UConn officials pitching a 6.7 percent tuition increase — the Democratic governor’s perspective has changed. “In perfect conditions I would prefer they not be that high. Continue Reading →

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CSCU officials recommend students pay 4.8 to 5.3 percent more

Officials of the state’s largest public college system have recommended to its governing board that community college students be charged between 4.8 and 5.3 percent more in tuition and fees next school year. They also recommend charging students attending the four regional Connecticut State Universities 4.8 percent more. Continue Reading →

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CT would have trouble financing Obama’s community college plan

WASHINGTON – Gov. Dannel Malloy said he’d participate in President Obama’s plan to provide free tuition to community college students, but he’d find it tough to fund the program, given Connecticut’s tight budget and spending cap.
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CT public colleges seek big boost in state aid — and a tuition hike

Connecticut’s largest public college system needs an 11 percent increase in its base-level state funding next year– just to limit an anticipated tuition-and-fee hike to 2 percent, according to an administration proposal. Continue Reading →

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UConn: State funding must grow to maintain faculty, financial aid gains

University of Connecticut officials adopted a new budget Wednesday that bolsters faculty and financial aid, but they warned that major growth in state aid will be needed in the near future to maintain those objectives. Continue Reading →

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New UConn budget to add faculty, continue tuition and fee hikes

The University of Connecticut Board of Trustees is expected to adopt a new $1.2 billion budget Wednesday that adds 61 faculty positions and boosts student aid while increasing tuition and fees about 4 percent over the current academic year. Continue Reading →

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Student outreach plan key to keeping CT college system in the black

A new outreach program designed to attract new students to Connecticut’s merged public college system also could determine whether system’s new $1.1 billion budget remains in balance over the next year. Continue Reading →

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Gray, others, urged by Obama to find ways to boost college enrollments

With his education agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama on Thursday urged Gregory W. Gray, Connecticut’s President of the Board of Regents for Higher Education, and dozens of other university presidents to share each other’s methods of expanding access to higher education. “More than ever a college degree is the surest path to a stable middle class life,” Obama said at a White House conference on opening the door to college for more students, especially low-income youths. Continue Reading →

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Legislative report: UConn has become ‘less affordable’ for poorer students

Brett Calash, whose family lost its home in Milford in Hurricane Sandy last year, will likely graduate from the University of Connecticut with nearly $50,000 in student loans. “A lot of things I am going to want to do will have to be put on hold,” the economics and political science major said Thursday, the same day as a legislative hearing on a report on how the state’s flagship university “has become less affordable”. “Prices may appear out of reach for students from low-income families,” the legislature’s Program Review and Investigations office reported. “Income needed for UConn rose most for low income students … Net price consumes a larger share of family resources as income declines.”

The change of income needed to afford college between 2008 and 2011 was progressive at most of the country’s flagship universities, “but not UConn,” the report concluded. When Calash started UConn in 2010, tuition and fees were $10,416 a year. Continue Reading →

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