Tom Marsh, the Republican first selectman of Chester, announced today he is running for governor as an independent.

An excerpt of his announcement:

“On January 14th, after much careful consideration, my wife Kathy and I drove to Hartford and submitted the paperwork necessary to form an Exploratory Committee for statewide office. As a result of that exploration, I am proud to announce my Independent Party candidacy for the office of Governor.

The question I have been asked most often has been why would I want to run for governor in such challenging times. The answer: I believe we each have a responsibility for our governance and I believe that I bring the perspective, vision, and leadership required to guide the state to prosperity.

The role of the governor is to provide vision and leadership, using the limited tools of the office. Vision and leadership are not learned in the short term. They are not found in polling data or consultants’ white papers. Vision and leadership come from experience. We need solutions that address the concerns of everyday people.

As a successful municipal leader and small business owner I am unique among the long list of candidates. I see and live the day-to-day challenges Connecticut residents and businesses face. I understand what we must do in order to formulate and successfully implement solutions to our problems.

Hartford has shelves full of studies that espouse solutions to problems past and present. What Hartford has lacked is the perspective and leadership to bring solutions to the streets of Connecticut. I have that perspective. Connecticut is full of good people with excellent, practical ideas that offer real life solutions to business, social and fiscal matters. I understand the need to incorporate such people in an advisory network that goes beyond any single political affiliation or ideology. I will seek them out, not only for their ideas but for their partnership in bringing the ideas to life.”

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