As the world turns,  Life is becoming more and more complicated. Looking out your window in the morning wondering what today will bring.  Turning on the news to see anything but good.  People want change and want peace but no one knows how to accomplish it.  When my generation was in school we were all told “you can be what you want to be”.  Has anyone become what they wanted to?  Life has changed so drastically in the last 15 years, that it has opened different oppurtunities that we werent able to see back in the day.  Computers run everything. The internet seems to be hard to live without when people rely on it regularly for everything now.  But what if you had to be resourceful in other ways?  How many can you live without the electronics and internet?

When the business went down, the two years we put into it went down too.  I had to become resourceful.  Everyday was a new day to figure out how to live that day.  How to get the money we needed for the simple things.  Diapers, toliet paper, laundry soap, etc. was always a problem.  Those couple dollars made a bad day to a good day if I was able to supply the family with what we needed.  One avenue I have used to resource work is the internet and craigslist.  I became a scrapper at first.  Small crew of three scrapping metal and everything that had to do with metal, pipes, air conditoners, refridgerators and the like to make a little bit to split between the crew.  No, wasnt enough to pay a bill but yes enough for gas and the extras.  Pawn shops became a favorite of mine but only for a short time.  I dont believe in stealing or dishonesty to get what you need, theres always a way to work honestly without a job to help provide just what need to do the hard work. 

On my ventures online looking for odd things to do,  I have been reading alot about hemp and its benefits.  All I can say is WOW.  Why havent we as a people demaded that we bring it back?  Before I get ahead of myself,  Let me tell you a few things I have discovered about Hemp. 

Hemp was at one time illegal not to grow if you can believe it.  Comparing it to uses of common things with it is ridiculously better not only for the enviroment but for humanity too.  Hemp is the longest, strongest and producticve plant fiber there is.  It can be used to make tons of things.  Hemp rope, cloths, fiber and building materials to name a few.  Fuel can be produced and with all of these things….. More Jobs!!!!  If Hemp can do this (and a ton more),  why isnt anyone considering it? whats the fight for?

And on my ventures online and reading all this I found out even more!  One acre can produce 30 Tons of fiber and 4 tons of seeds…. Seeds can make 300!! gallons of oil! And 3 tons of food.  All this from 1 acre of a plant that our ancestors would of thrown us in jail for if we didnt produce hemp.  So what changed? Why the stigma now?  Even if its just to produce more jobs, lets consider hemp again for our future generations.  Lets really promote peace and growth and give everyone a little bit of common sense back into their lives.

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