With only a day left in the Connecticut General Assembly’s regular session, I am really concerned that SJ 39, known as a Constitutional Amendment to Protect Open Space, will get left behind.

We need State Sen. Kevin Witkos to lead the charge in support of this amendment again this year, before it can appear on the ballot in November 2018.

We also need Witkos’s help to SAVE THE BOTTLE BILL, now in jeopardy because Environment Committee Co-Chair Craig Miner has tried to kill it at every opportunity.

How can Miner fail to lead his party in support of one of the most efficient and effective recycling programs? How can he consider eliminating a program that supports jobs and small businesses here in Connecticut? If anything, he should support the proposed EXPANSION of the program, not shelve it in a study group; that’s just a dereliction of duty.

I am counting on Sen. Witkos to demonstrate his commitment to the environment by strengthening and expanding our state’s Bottle Bill, and in tandem, opposing any amendment that delays protecting our natural resources.

Alison Scherer is a member of ForwardCT.

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