After careful deliberation, I have decided to pursue a run for the United States Congress in the 5th Congressional District of Connecticut as an independent conservative candidate.

My decision came as a result of my conservative views that are not aligned with the Connecticut Republican party,  who believe I am “too conservative” besides being an outsider who is willing to challenge the status quo.

I have decided not to primary for the Republican nomination. I am proud to say that I received in excess of the required number of signatures and increased my supported base consisting of Pro-Trump supporters, Republicans, Conservatives and Independents. However, to say that I am disgusted with the insider politics is an understatement and I share this sentiment with so many in the 5th District.

The intentional boxing out of those who are not political insiders or part of the establishment is something that our country has already spoken to clearly when they elected President Donald Trump. I truly believe President Trump is the best president we have ever had outside of President Regan and what he has accomplished in 500 days or so in office is historical.

The people of our great country knew that it was time to get rid of the establishment and drain the swamp and so they elected President Trump to finally get something done in Washington. The wonderful citizens of the 5th District who have continuously encouraged me to break ranks with the ever-moving left Republican Party and run as an independent conservative have shared this sentiment continuously with me on the campaign trail. My supporters have urged me, saying things like:

  • This is your moment and now is your time.
  • Our district needs the leadership of an unapologetic conservative.
  • We do not need any more RINOS (Republicans in Name Only), or beltway elitists, or progressive Republicans.
  • What we need is a conservative like you who proudly supports our President  and is not afraid to publicly say so.

So let me say so, as clearly and directly as I can. I fully support our great President Donald Trump.

Connecticut needs a strong conservative who is not part of the political establishment and someone who is not jaded or swayed by party politics, nor content with the status quo. The 5th Congressional District needs someone who is willing to put the interest of the American people and our country first.

It is time for us to allow civil engagement to win over the “get nothing done political favoritism.” It’s time to put an end to the insider politics that have resulted in the chronic losing in the 5th District and as President Trump says, “start winning for America again!”

The Connecticut Republican Party has made their agenda clear and that is to keep moving further and further left, and that is not my platform. Disheartened Republicans and conservatives feel that the party has deserted them and they want their representation back. I plan to give it to them!

It’s time for a representative of the people to represent the people and do what they have promised, just like our president has.

Let’s blaze a new path together based on common sense politics that put the interest of the people before the wishes of the political insiders. We can change all that. We must change all that! We have an opportunity to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Elizabeth Esty with an independent conservative who is willing to fight for that Congressional seat all the way to November’s election.

Let’s turn the 5th Congressional District red again. I believe I am that person. My traditional Christian values and conservative principles have never changed and will not change. I have your back and I will not sell my soul for self-advancement.

Remember, you are never alone when you vote Pistone! The independent/unaffiliated now has a candidate! The conservative Republicans now have a conservative.

President Donald Trump Supporters, I hear you and I am with you. Here in Connecticut, it’s time for the independents, conservatives and conservative Republicans to rise to the occasion and elect the only true conservative in the 5th District.

John Pistone is petitioning to become an independent candidate for election to the 5th Congressional District.

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