Connecticut's complex justice issues, unpacked

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 Small minds kill a big idea for Connecticut’s poorest children

To be a Republican in Connecticut today, especially an elected one, you need to defend an indefensible President and the far-right people who control him.  You have to hate government and vote to savage it.  And you even attack the wealthy when they join government to make life better for people. That’s what happened recently when GOP leaders blew up the innovative education partnership between Gov. Ned Lamont and Dalio Philanthropies. 

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What if the coronavirus could change high school for the better?

As schools across the country grind through their last weeks of pandemic-imposed distance learning, teachers and administrators have begun to think about how the coronavirus will change high schools next fall. Although several articles have been published on how schools will look and function differently in the new school year, less has been written about how we could take this pause as an opportunity to substantially rework teaching and learning.

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Is commuting dead?

Am I going to have to change the name of this column to “NOT Getting There?” That’s what Gov. Ned Lamont says. Post-COVID he predicts the end of daily commuting as we know it.  Lamont told Bloomberg that his New York business buddies tell him they’re saving so much money by having people work from their homes they may cut office space in the city by 30%.