Hundreds of people protested outside the federal courthouse and marched in downtown New Haven to advocate for abortion rights in the wake of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Yehyun Kim /

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has stated that rights such as same sex marriage and contraception may not be allowed under the Constitution. Has he taken the dollar bill’s  “In God We Trust” too far?

Is it his /their religion only that have the controlling interest ? There are many  whose beliefs do not coincide with those of Justice Thomas. We may not belong to an organized recognized religion but hold those common beliefs of the majority.

Why have some religious groups become “holier than thou” in their  apparent vast power to overturn Roe vs Wade and then be able to  threaten the rights of others  in the use of contraception, a pill to end a pregnancy and same sex marriage?

Has the Supreme Court become the Taliban within a democracy -undermining the rights of women and gay people?  

And next, will they destroy the right for all of us to regulate practices that will slow the damaging effects of  climate change?

What religions allow for the denial of women’s  and gay rights, the welfare of others and the care of the planet that supports us? Only those that are intolerant and irresponsible towards the needs of others.

Ruth Cutler lives in Ashford.