Transgender children have been put in the middle of a political battle they never asked for, as lawmakers across the country introduce bills that roll back protections, and even criminalize medical care.

This episode we hear from one Connecticut family about navigating the education system for their transgender son. And we’ll invite Ace Ricker into the studio — he gives us an insight into what it’s like to grow up trans in Connecticut, and tells us why this moment is so dangerous for the LGBTQ community.

We’re talking all this season about our rights, and about our participation in democracy. As the 2022 midterm elections get closer, what issues motivate us to go to the polls? Where can we claim some common ground as a nation and across generations, and where will we never agree? 

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Guests this episode

Ace Ricker, a public advocate and educator who’s been speaking on transgender rights since the age of fifteen. He’s the founder of A.C.E. (Awareness through Communication and Education) where he facilitates interactive workshops, training sessions and round-table discussions.

Challenge assumptions, seek understanding, leave nothing untold. In each episode of Untold we will pass the microphone from the policymakers to the people, connecting with Connecticut’s communities to reframe familiar stories and explore those left untold.