When it comes to tackling gun violence in Connecticut’s cities, questions over gun control go hand-in-hand with a whole raft of other problems caused by racism, poverty and disinvestment.

This episode of Untold, we’ll learn what that looks like day-to-day from Tyrone Bynum Jr., an intervention specialist with Hartford Communities That Care. When a gunshot victim arrives in the emergency room, it’s his job to be there to offer support and counseling.

Each year for the last five years, more people under the age of 24 have died from gunshot wounds than in car crashes in the US. But the question of what we can do about rising gun violence seems no closer to being “self-evident” in our country.

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Guests this episode

Tyrone Bynum Jr., Senior Intervention Specialist with Hartford Communities That Care. HCTC is a Hartford-based nonprofit organization committed to creating and supporting non-violent and drug-free communities in which youth and families can thrive.

Challenge assumptions, seek understanding, leave nothing untold. In each episode of Untold we will pass the microphone from the policymakers to the people, connecting with Connecticut’s communities to reframe familiar stories and explore those left untold.