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Treason is in the air

Abraham Lincoln had been elected but had yet to assume the presidency when southern states started seceding from the Union in the months before his March 4, 1961 inauguration. Four others would follow that spring. American soldiers —like Robert E. Lee, who had taken an oath of loyalty to the nation that he had served since 1825— defected to the Confederacy. By joining the rebellion Lee and fellow travellers became, in effect, traitors.

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Are you feeling great again yet?

On what planet, in which galaxy, in whose cosmos does the leader of a nation pat himself on the back with both hands for his handling of a pandemic virus that has caused more than 140,500 deaths in the United States (as of July 20), that is spiking across large swaths of our country, and that shows no signs of letting up anytime soon, much less fading away as he once claimed it would by now?

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Throwing older Americans under the pandemic bus

If you’re looking for empathy from your president and your name isn’t Paul Manafort (a convicted felon), Michael Flynn (who plead guilty to a felony), “Scooter” Libby (also a convicted felon), or Roger Stone (yet another convicted felon), forget about it. He’s all tapped out. The president’s publicaly expressed concern for the 75,000-plus Americans who have died as of May 8 from COVID-19 (according to the Centers for Disease Control) is underwhelming at best. The CDC also reports that eight of 10 of the victims are 65 or older.