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Posted inCT Viewpoints

‘Fore’ more years for our Duffer-in-Chief?

In addition to playing politics, American Presidents play golf, hole after hole after hole. It is one of the few bipartisan activities left standing. Dwight D. Eisenhower hit them straight down the middle often, as did his successor, John F. Kennedy, who is purported to have been the best golfer to inhabit the White House. The nation’s biggest golfer, however, was William Howard Taft, who weighed in at more than 300 pounds.

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Only you can prevent global warming

It took me a long time to kick my addiction to plastic grocery bags. Years. Even after I dutifully acquired cloth carriers, I often would be halfway to the store before I realized I had left them in the car. I’d keep walking. Addiction to convenience and bad habits are hard things to break. I finally did the right thing not long before Connecticut put a price on using unsustainable plastic grocery bags in August: ten whole cents per offending sack.

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Our fake president

How fake is our president? Let’s count the ways. Remember his campaign pledge to “Drain the swamp?” Fortune Magazine recently reported that in less than three years our president “has named more former lobbyists to cabinet-level posts than his most recent predecessors did in eight, putting a substantial amount of oversight in the hands of people with ties to the industries they are regulating.”

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Have we no sense of decency?

From 1950 to 1954, an ill-informed, loudmouthed, bully politician — who lied, trafficked in conspiracy theories, and shamelessly defamed fellow Americans — set the tone in Washington, D.C. He destroyed careers and lives by going after alleged communists and homosexuals in high and low places. He denigrated national institutions, such as the U.S. Army and State Department. Now there’s another.

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An American Mussolini

Let me state at the outset that some of my best friends are Republicans and Independents. This missive is addressed to all of my fellow Americans, but especially to Republicans and Independents. Here’s the deal with the impeachment rumpus, as I see it. The first Americans to be alarmed by our president’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president were not Democrats. They were White House aides, presumably rock solid Republicans all.

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The company our president keeps

It has been recognized for millennia, since Aesop: you know a man by the company he keeps. Does he hang out with, or hire liars? Does he feel very badly for a convicted felon, a philanderer, and tax cheat? Does he confess to falling in love with arguably the most despicable despot on the planet after their first date? What can be gleaned from the company our president keeps?

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Following the money on global warming

Memo to those who are unsure whether global warming is real or affecting you: check your insurance bills. Here in Connecticut homeowners have seen their property/casualty rates increase an average of 35 percent over the past decade — twice the rate of inflation. In Rhode Island the overall increase is 55 percent. If you live close to the shoreline, it’s Katie bar the door.

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Local journalism then and now

If “All politics is local,” as the legendary pol Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill averred, the same bromide should apply to journalism. It certainly does in my experience. I started my writing career in 1973 at a content-challenged weekly newspaper in rural New Hampshire. It didn’t have an editor or a reporter. I was hired to be the ad salesman, but spent most of my time writing stories and editing press releases. I wasn’t selling many ads so there was a lot of white space to fill.

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More methane from Bizarro President

What do Americans want? Is it a good five-cent cigar or a chicken in every pot? More cowbell? Hard to say, but what we’re going to get, courtesy of our Bizarro President, is more methane. Whoopee, extra methane! Tell the children and grandchildren. You remember Bizarro Superman from DC Comics. He was the polar opposite of the Man of Steel. Superman was good; his breath was super cold; and his X-ray vision could see through anything but lead. Conversely, his Bizarro mirror image was bad —with hot breath and X-Ray vision that could only see through lead.
President Biazarro, in his administration’s fourth major rollback of environmental regulations this year, is making it easier for oil and gas drillers on federal and tribal land to let methane escape into the warming air we breath.

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All those opposed to mother’s milk…

In the tornado-like news cycle under President TwitterDee (aka TwitterDum), telling issues have a shorter lifespan than mayflies, one OMG moment is quickly eclipsed by next, ad nauseam, whether it’s about the leader of the free world cozying up to Vlad the Impaler or a porn star. One wonders how many TwitterDee devotees are opposed to mother’s milk. His administration is.