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Athletics did not create the financial crisis at UHart

The University of Hartford and its President Gregory Woodward have been in the news a lot lately. First, for the excitement with the men’s basketball team making the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and second when under extreme criticism and pressure the university released the Carr Sports report strongly recommending UHart consider reclassifying its intercollegiate sports program from NCAA Division I to Division III.

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The failed promise of public K-12 education

In theory, public K-12 education should prepare students for either a continued college education or for the workforce. This premise is built on the belief that public education will provide a solid basic academic background and personal soft skills such as time management, critical thinking and respectful relationship attributes that will enable a high school graduate to live an independent productive lifetime. Research and various state-wide and national education mandated assessments indicate only a fraction of the graduates meet expected proficiency in math and English –two subject matters not only critical to college entry, but also required in the workforce.

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Parents, your kids are failing math, reading, and writing!

Parents, you need to wake up and get in the game. Your child’s future is at stake. Or, your child will become one of the negative statistics. In some cases it is appropriate to blame the education leadership — especially the commissioner, superintendents, principals, and collective bargaining units — for the ineffective system. However, the love of learning must start at home with parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to make education their priority over all other activities. It is the parent’s responsibility to set high expectations for their child’s behavior and learning and it is the parent’s responsibility to be a positive role model for the child in helping to shape the child’s opinions and attitudes about learning.